3 Things We Learned At Our First Event

In late 2012 is when we decided to start Pour Models. Before then, it was always just an idea that was waiting to be put into action. There were numerous theories and methods that we wanted to put into effect for when things started to get rolling with Pour Models but we didn’t know how successful they would be, or if they would even work at all! Only way to find out was to test out one of theories. We had our opportunity to do just that when we became a sponsor for the Affairs of Isis Events’ Philadelphia Launch party.

We learned a whole lot planning for that event but the 3 key things that we learned are:

What do our customers expect/want?

We knew what we wanted to and what we had to offer, and if you look at our notes it was a LOT! When it came down to developing a cost effective drink menu that would satisfy all guests, we discovered that we needed to restructure our planned service offerings. The confirmation came when we spoke with the organizers about their intentions and vision for their event. Combine that with the conversations that we had with party attendees and a change definitely needed to be made. Since that event we have simplified them DRASTICALLY!!

Where would we get our supplies from?

The liquor and beverage industry isn’t something that is new to us, but supplying liquor for events without a supplier or dedicated sponsor is! We had to search around for the best prices for everything. Not only did we want the best prices but we wanted the best service and companies/stores that would like to work with our business. We found that a lot of companies were very supportive and liked what we were about, they even offered us special discounts in agreement that we would use them whenever we had an event, and because of that we are able to supply top shelf products and top shelf service for all of our events! (Score one for Pour Models! )

the last really big thing that we learned was,

We love the feeling our clients get after having a successful event!

Putting it all together from start to finish for that event was such a rush for us and we cant wait to do it again! The event as a lot of fun a seeing guests having fun with the specialty drinks and having a photo finish with the toast of the evening was so satisfying for all of the running around, planning, and hard work that we put in.

Since that event, we have done a few other, what we consider to be, test events in order to create the perfect offerings for our 2013 clients and to prepare for our official launch in March.

We learned a lot during our first event and hope that we’ll be able to apply these learned lessons to yours.

Check out a few pics from the event:


Wanna be invited to our official Launch? Email us and let us know.

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and, Drink Responsibly!

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