We’re #Casting in #Philly! 6/29/13

We are finally holding our first casting call! We are so excited! What better place to do it but in Philly?   Our Casting will be held at: The Loft @ The Let Out 1625 Cecil B. Moore Ave Philadelphia, PA 19121 2pm – 5pm   We are looking for the hottest Models and Bartenders […]

Got a Signature Cocktail? We’d Love to Showcase It!

We’re looking for alcohol beverage brands, bartenders, bars, lounges, restaurants, and cocktail aficionados to share thier signature drinks to be featured on our blog! Interested in being featured? Send an email to SUBJECT: Feature My Signature Cocktail With the following: A picture of your Drink looking EXTRA DELICIOUS! Your cocktail recipe Info about your, your brand, or […]

3 Things We Learned At Our First Event

In late 2012 is when we decided to start Pour Models. Before then, it was always just an idea that was waiting to be put into action. There were numerous theories and methods that we wanted to put into effect for when things started to get rolling with Pour Models but we didn’t know how […]

Beer Cocktails

The weekend is about to get started and Beer is the go-to happy hour drink, but why not try something different with a beer cocktail. Check out this how-to video from to learn how to make 5 different beer cocktails. Pour It Up and Drink Responsibly! by

Apple Wine Spritzer

We’d like to kick off a weekly blog post this year, something we’re resolving to stick to in 2013! A drink of the week, weekly post! To start we’re featuring the Apple Wine Spritzer. A light fun sparkly drink that can be served strong or simply sweet.   Here are 3 ways we recommend this drink   […]

January is National Hot Tea Month « From Behind the Pen

In appreciation for one of the most popular and widely consumed beverages in the world, the month of January salutes National Hot Tea Month. Drinking hot tea, as seen in many cultures around the world is beneficial to your health and wellness. According to the Tea Association of the U.S.A., drinking hot tea can increase […]

Delicious Winter Season Cocktails!

Cess Padilla – Contributor In winter seasons, a lot of people probably are on vacation, chatting up in their local coffee shop, having friends over, partying with close friends, meeting new people and etc. Whatever your excuse is this will definitely heat up your cold days. A lot of people love to drink, going to […]

Astronaut Martinis!

Astronaut Martinis!

Recently, a few of the Pour Models girls and a few friends went out for a meal before we set out to party/hang out for the night. We ended up going to The Continental Mid-Town around 18th and Walnut (I think…). Any who, majority of us had never been there. And turns out they are […]

Champagne Tips: How to Choose a Great One - Drink Philly

Champagne Tips: How to Choose a Great One – Drink Philly

Well, the holidays are upon us and of course that means that there will be lots of toasting going around. Ever wonder how to choose the right bubbly for your toast? Drink Philly and the Drink Nation have a few tips on how to do just that! According to David Snyder there are 3 easy ways to […]